2018 Flashback – The Moon revealed

It’s been more than 4 months since I started Moon Minute Monday (M3), aiming to showcase the geological diversity of our Moon. Here’s a visual of lunar sites I’ve covered till date.

Lunar geological places covered in Moon Minute Monday (M3)
Geologically interesting places on the Moon covered on Moon Minute Monday (M3). Credit: Me and Deepana Gandhi.

Oh boy, those are many places! From big & weird craters to different types of mountains & valleys, and even enigmatic lunar swirls, a vast spectrum of lunar features have been covered. Some of my personal favorites are a 600 km long mountain range, a meandering rille, a chain of craters, and a sunken crust!

I started M3 with the goal to engage people in learning more about the Moon and get them to look up to the Moon again! Which is also why there is a map at the end of every post showing where the feature is on the Moon. 😉

As a science communicator, there is nothing more joyful than to see people learn about the world around us (and the literal one that goes around us, the Moon!) and be curious. For this Monday, on New Year’s eve, I encourage you to explore all the geological features covered here on M3 and search the web for more. Which feature is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

Here’s to going back to the Moon, a Happy New Year and come back every Monday in 2019 for more.

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